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web, SEO & social

where creative & technical merge into AWESOME

In a few words …

web, SEO & social

where creative & technical merge into AWESOME

Today, website design embodies your company’s brand.

It’s all about your website. It’s the focal point, the hub, the center from which information originates about your company and products. Every ad you create – leads customers to your website. Social media and direct mail, leads customers to your website. They are looking at your website. So make it great.

MG Lomb brings over twenty years of brand and technical experience to website development. Headquartered in Rochester NY, we’ve mastered all of the critically important variables that comprise a successful program. From content management system CMS website design, to website development, to web programming, ecommerce and social media.

An experienced web development company (since 1996) MG Lomb does everything web, effectively, for our Clients.


Since the 1990’s ... MG Lomb has provided SEO services in Rochester NY (Search Engine Optimization). Our capabilities are refined, and extensive.

  • Construction SEO (how your website is built for SEO)
  • Campaign SEO (social media, pay-per-click, etc.)
  • SEO Research & Reporting
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

MG Lomb has intense focus on proper website construction for SEO. Google organic search success … is achieved by proper website development and construction. With twenty years of SEO experience, MG Lomb develops websites for optimal SEO. We call this “Construction SEO.” We assert that roughly 80% of organic SEO success is driven by proper website construction, not by secondary “Campaign SEO”. The remaining 20%, includes pay-per-click advertising, social media, blogs, back-linking programs, etc.

Successful SEO depends on proper website construction.

There’s no shortage of SEO services providers. And cheap offshore firms – who offer cheap, monthly fee programs – are predatory and ineffective, focusing on Campaign SEO at the expense of critical Construction SEO. When selecting your SEO services provider, choose wisely. ROI for successful Google SEO results is far greater than most paid advertising.