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Brand Maturity

… is knowing it’s not about you; it’s about them – the customers. Your customers see you everywhere, from web, to print, to social … to the world. Your message, your look, your brand … all needs to be perfectly consistent. MG Lomb excel at helping companies to get this right. We do this, by Tying it all together.

Managing Partner

Michael G. Lomb, Creative Director

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In 1996 Michael Lomb founded MG Lomb Advertising. His goal then, as now, is superior creative. Today, under Michael’s leadership, the agency employs an impressive team of highly talented and dedicated creative professionals who realize that goal for the agency’s clients.

As Creative Director; I provide my clients with unique creative ideas, new perspectives, and twenty five years of industry experience. I plan and execute complex and comprehensive campaigns that are innovative, unique and impactful. Campaigns that advance my clients’ reputation and goals. I lead brainstorming sessions, and bring together staff and clients, while I sketch raw concepts. I learn who you are, what you do, so I can make the world see what makes you great.

Leadership. The bar is set high, by me. My standards are high and I demand the very best my team has to offer. Passable creative, in any form, is done by designers. Great creative is a vision crafted and pursued by an experienced creative director, who leads a talented design team.

Skills. High-level creative strategy, concept and story creative, campaign development, market research, web, SEO and social strategy, copy writing, making sure a creative team comes together and gets it right.

My Clients; are CEOs, VPs, and Directors. Together, we establish objectives and goals. From there, I develop high-level strategies that accomplish my clients’ goals. And lead a team of creative professionals to successfully implement that vision.

Message. You either will, or will not, require Creative Direction; either by myself or another creative director at MG Lomb. Creative direction is what separates great work from passable work. But it costs. If you want great creative work, plan on incorporating the cost of creative direction into your budget. Not every project requires it, as simple projects may only warrant a project manager and appropriate creative staff. But do not expect great results for complex creative projects, when bypassing creative direction.

I look forward to working with you.