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History & Milestones

Founded in 1996, MG Lomb Advertising is a full service advertising agency. We are located alongside the Erie Canal in the picturesque Village of Fairport, NY, a suburb of Rochester. We service local, national, and international accounts.

Our new website is launched! Yes … we’re finally retiring the “screamin lady”! Just like so many of our clients, MG Lomb was too busy with our customers’ work to rebuild our website. So we trudged on, with an old, outdated and ineffective website. We love it, and we hope you do too! MG Lomb’s new website is even Case Study worthy. If you’d like to know how an agency develops its own website, read this. And a final good-bye to our screamin lady. We loved her, and she did well by us!

MG Lomb celebrates 20 years in business. September 1st, 2016 marked the proud anniversary of MG Lomb’s twentieth year in business. In these twenty years, MG Lomb has grown and prospered as an agency. We’ve gained clients all around the world, an amazingly diverse and rich portfolio, and made some amazing friends. We’re looking forward to another amazing 20 years!

Fisher-Price Asia added as account. September 2016 marks the signing of a new division of Fisher-Price, Asian division, located in Hong Kong. Fisher-Price (Mattel) is worldwide leading manufacturer of toys and children’s’ games. Fisher-Price has been an MG Lomb client since 2010. The Asian division was added with MG Lomb’s production of a consumer focused live action video, featuring six children, on location, in Asian language. All aspects of the work: creative, storyboarding, location scouting, talent acquisition, production and post production editing, including animation and motion graphics, were all done in-house by MG Lomb. MG Lomb was selected by Fisher-Price Asia due to our ability to manage video production completely in-house, and with a short turnaround requirement. MG Lomb’s long experience supporting Fisher-Price, with consumer video and animation, since 2010.

Belimed added as account. April 2016 marks the signing of Belimed, a leading manufacturer in the Healthcare and Life Sciences businesses, to MG Lomb’s client roster. Belimed, located in Charleston South Carolina, is staffed by over 1,200 employees, in some 10 countries. MG Lomb was contracted by Belimed to develop a brand awareness ad campaign, videos and animations, and to support their creative collateral needs. MG Lomb’s decade long experience in the healthcare and life sciences industries, with infection control technologies, makes us a perfect fit to support Belimed’s needs.

Rigaku Analytical Devices. April 2015 marks the signing of Rigaku Analytical Devices, a new division of Rigaku, a leading international manufacturer of analytical equipment, to MG Lomb’s client roster. Rigaku Analytical, located in Boston Massachusetts, manufactures handheld and desktop analytical devices, for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, hazardous materials, and metallurgy industries. MG Lomb was contracted by Rigaku Analytical to develop an entirely new brand identity program, numerous product ad campaigns, media planning and buying, company website, SEO program, videos and animations, trade show booths, direct mail campaigns, and to support their creative collateral needs. MG Lomb’s ability to support large comprehensive marketing and advertising programs, makes us a perfect fit to support Rigaku Analytical Devices’ needs.

Thermo Fisher Scientific added as account. October 2014 marks the signing of Thermo Fisher Scientific, a leading international manufacturer of scientific, laboratory and analytical equipment, to MG Lomb’s client roster. With more than 50,000 employees, in over 50 countries, Thermo is world’s leading manufacturer in numerous science and analytical technologies markets. MG Lomb now supports a variety of Thermo business units, but was originally contracted by Thermo’s Life Sciences group, in Logan Utah. Because of MG Lomb’s strong reputation as a highly talented and reliable animation and video provider, our agency was brought in to support Thermo Fisher Scientific’s needs. MG Lomb’s decade long experience in the healthcare and life sciences industries, makes us a perfect fit to support Thermo Fisher’s needs.

SiriusXM Radio added as account. October 2014 marks the signing of SiriusXM Radio, North America’s leading satellite radio services provider, to MG Lomb’s client roster. MG Lomb had previously supported XM Satellite Radio (2007 – 2008), but lost the business due to the merger with Sirius Radio (the XM division MG Lomb supported was dissolved). In 2014, MG Lomb was able to regain the business, by way of recommendations from existing XM contacts who had managed to remain with the company through the merger. Sirius XM Radio is located in New York, NY. With the renewed business, MG Lomb was contracted to create a new 3D animated motion graphic explainer video. The content is intended for use with Sirius XM’s new mobile app, as a tool to educate subscribers to the benefits on continued patronage of satellite radio services, after free subscriptions expire. MG Lomb’s notable experience with 3D animation and consumer video, makes us a perfect fit to support Sirius XM Radio’s needs.

We’ve moved! On January 1st 2013, MG Lomb moved into BeeyouuuuTiffuhl new office space, at 1387 Fairport Road. We’re in Suite 700, located alongside the Erie Canal and still in the picturesque Village of Fairport, NY, a Rochester suburb. We’re in a brand new building, and we got to work with an architect to make our spaces super cool! And we did all the interior design! … glass walls, hardwood floors, cool lighting – neat stuff! Come and visit us – we’ll give you a tour!

We worked really, really hard! We were working so hard in 2012 that we literally forgot to write any History & Milestones entries. But that’s OK – we were busy planning our new office space and move. That took six months, and moving is a pain … so there – a milestone!

Davis-Standard – iPhone App. MG Lomb was selected by Davis-Standard, LLC to program a new iPhone App. This mobile device app is used by their customers to attain general company information, with press releases, and with up to the date info at tradeshows. It also includes an industry specific calculation tool that can be used by customers for estimating. See the results.

Getinge USA – iPad Video Marketing Presentation. MG Lomb was selected by Getinge USA to develop an iPad based promotional product presentation for use at a Dubai tradeshow. The presentation was developed using photo-realistic 3D animation, incorporates a musical score, professional voice over, and stylized interactivity. See the results.

Fisher-Price – Tricycle Animation Commercial. MG Lomb was selected by Fisher-Price to produce a new product commercial, web-based, for a new toy. Project entailed creating a 30 second product promotional spot, 3D animated, inclusive of music, voice over and special effects. MG Lomb was responsible for all aspects of the creative. Due to product release and confidentiality considerations, we are currently unable to show this work.

Sutherland Global Services – direct mail campaign. MG Lomb is awarded development of a direct mail campaign for Sutherland, to promote a new service in the United Kingdom. The campaign required both traditional snail-mail, e-mail, and website development. See Case Study.

XM Radio, Ingersoll Rand, Kodak, and Carestream Health added as clients. 2008 was a busy year for new clients. The agency added these, among many other smaller accounts.

Chinese, German & other websites. MG Lomb developed and launched our first Chinese & German websites, for The Converting Systems Group of Davis-Standard, LLC. MG Lomb also launched a new interactive product marketing website, for Johnson & Johnson’s Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics.

New office location. MG Lomb moved into more appropriate and spacious office, at 30 Liftbridge Lane, located alongside the Erie Canal in the picturesque Village of Fairport, NY, a suburb of Rochester.

Corporate Identity / Brand Development Program. Syracuse NY based Black Clawson Converting Machinery awarded MG Lomb the assignment of developing their new corporate identity program. Brochures, websites, sell sheets, signage and trade show graphics were created. The client’s parent company (Davis-Standard, LLC) was so impressed by the results that MG Lomb was selected to develop the same project for them.

North American print campaign. While in Germany meeting with client Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk (EPL) Michael Lomb was asked by EPL’s President, Rolf Richter, to fly to the client’s NY City offices to meet with the CEO of their North American subsidiary LGB of America. MG Lomb Advertising was subsequently selected as their North American advertising agency responsible for all print advertising, media placement, special events and some public relations work.

New and International accounts. The agency added several new accounts, large and small, including Johnson & Johnson’s Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Harris RF Communications Div., and Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk (Germany). During this phase, the agency’s capabilities and services grew to include international accounts and interactive marketing.

Our agency was founded. The agency was founded by Michael G. Lomb (our President & Creative Director) in 1996. Michael, an RIT graduate (Rochester Institute of Technology, BFA 1992) had previously worked as the Creative Manager and Vice President of Sales & Marketing at a local industrial design firm.