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Collateral Design

There are innumerable ways to tell your story; collateral is effective.

  • Brochures
  • Sell Sheets
  • Sales & Marketing Kits
  • Graphic Design Services

Collateral is often necessary to engage customers or associates. Whether brochures, sell sheets, marketing kits, or stationery, collateral is a means to provide crucial information. From extensive to simple, MG Lomb brings decades of experience, developing highly professional and sophisticated collateral programs, from Rochester NY to around the world.

MG Lomb’s graphic design work is always expertly branded and creatively inspired. From simple one-off requests, to comprehensive collateral update programs, addressing hundreds to thousands of marketing tools, we are able to support most requests. And if necessary, translated and localized into foreign languages.
All collateral requires brand continuity. Every piece should be consistent with your company’s brand. With more than twenty years’ experience MG Lomb accomplishes superior brand continuity – and the customer brand loyalty that results – by applying our ideological approach to design … Tying it all togetherSM.