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video & animation

creating reality with IMAGINATION

video & animation

creating reality with IMAGINATION

Video production services and animation are of MG Lomb’s core competencies. They are MG Lomb’s clear differentiators. Many agencies don’t perform these services in house. We do.

Our experienced video and animation team works onsite at MG Lomb, out of our Rochester NY offices. We are comprised only of full time, fully degreed staff. We do not outsource. We do not use freelancers.

Since the year 2000 MG Lomb has been creating quality video and animation, of every variety, for both B2B and B2C applications. We’ve developed hundreds of videos and animations. Our work is highly creative, appropriately functional, and sometimes both. It is sophisticated when it needs to be. And it is simple when it doesn’t.

Our clients range from multinational manufacturing companies of complex machinery, to international toy manufacturers, to regional companies requiring reasonably priced solutions. The odds are that we’ve successfully produced, numerous times, the exact type of video or animation that you need.

Explainer Video Production

Simple, creative, effective. MG Lomb is an established explainer video production studio, of more than twenty years.

Explainer videos are extremely effective marketing and advertising tools, for YouTube, social media, websites, and more. MG Lomb’s experience producing video marketing ranges from SiriusXM Radio (consumer focused), to Harris Corporation (B2B technology focused), to PhoMents (small business promotional explainer video).

The term “explainer video” encompasses a broad range of possibilities. From app videos, to “learn about our company / product” videos, and instructional videos. MG Lomb professionally develops all of these, creatively and effectively, which results in ROI for our clients.

Creative styling and techniques include motion graphics, animated text, stylized or realistic animation, and special effects, which may appear simple or with television grade presentation.

MG Lomb supports the entire process, in-house, from conceptualization, to storyboarding, script writing, professionally narration recording, musical score, final production, and final file upload.

Our explainer video production services include:

  • Marketing Explainer Videos
  • B2B Explainer Videos and B2C Explainer Videos
  • Trade Show Explainer Videos
  • Motion Graphic Explainer Videos
  • Instructional How to Explainer Videos
  • Web and Interactive Explainer Videos