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Development Strategy

MG Lomb employs proven, time-tested and refined, development strategies and processes.

Our agency creative work is always developed with your business goals in mind. The cost of creative deliverables should always be less (exponentially) than the cost required to create them.

Reasonable cost is dependent on well refined, efficient processes. Successful work is dependent upon industry knowledge, experience, and adoption of best practices. We address both. Whatever the deliverable, MG Lomb employs well-refined and proven processes. These processes make the development process clear for our clients, and easy to follow for all. And by scrutiny and refinement of our processes, we’re able to consistently produce successful work for a reasonable cost. We take process seriously.

Development Phases. Not all projects require all phases. With larger projects, though, proper order of development becomes critically important, to avoid unnecessary and costly rework. When warranted, MG Lomb will apply these development phases, in the proper order. When not possible, we will make professional recommendations with respect to the best approach. Time and money are too important to waste; good development strategy, planning and execution will prevent the waste of both.

  • Research
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance