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Media Placement: Davis-Standard, LLC


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Plastics Manufacturing, International


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The Need

Davis-Standard Converting Machinery had recently re-branded itself and needed to start over with their advertising. Black Clawson was now part of a large international conglomeration of companies after having been purchased by Davis-Standard, LLC. The client required support with media tracking, planning and placement of a new International advertising campaign. MG Lomb was selected.


Coordinate media placement and buying for the new Black Clawson (BC). Although an internal marketing department capable of performing this responsibility existed, Black Clawson decided to seek outside support so that they could focus on other pressing concerns. To date, media placement had been handled casually and firm systems and forms for media insertion were not utilized.


Create an Advertising Venue Schedule, standardize the media insertion processes, and establish rate control with advance commitments. MG Lomb also became the established point of contact for media, freeing BC from having to sort through endless email offerings and phone calls.

BC knew when and where they wanted to place their media, and the publications had a rough idea how BC might place in the future. MG Lomb helped by structuring media placements in advance, negotiating pricing, developing a tracking process, and creating an advance annual plan – an Advertising Venue Schedule (AVS). This tool details a client’s total advertising expenditures by market segments, publications, dates and dollars spent.


BC is now able to determine how much is being spent on each market segment and can easily track and determine when and where each ad has been placed. They are also no longer stretching their marketing staff too thin. This support, and the resulting data, is helping BC to determine which advertising venues are producing results, which are not and how to adjust.