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The Need

Established local Home builder, Gerber Homes, was aiming to increase their market share. Accomplishing this goal was to be a challenge, as dozens of new regional competitors were beginning to enter the market. Making Gerber’s goal even more difficult were some national competitors who had also recently (and aggressively) moved into the area, including Ryan Homes.

For over 20 years Gerber Homes had operated locally by word of mouth and with small scale local advertising. With spares local competition in the past, Gerber had been able to grow and prosper using nothing more than a logo. Now facing the professional polish and advertising sophistication of national builders, plus a growing pool of competitors, Gerber had to step up and compete, using professional marketing and advertising tools.

As the third largest builder in the region, the company recognized that without a professional brand presence they could not increase their market share.


Gerber Homes did not have a professional corporate identity. People may have heard the Gerber Homes name, but there was nothing anyone could visually put their finger on to say; “I recognize that, it’s a Gerber Homes sign!”  Gerber’s old logo was amateurish and too many versions of it floated around – no one knew which one Gerber logo was the right one. Worse, nothing in Gerber Homes’ corporate identity program matched.

Everything needed to be redone. Why? When comparing Gerber Homes’ marketing tools, signage, and advertising to competitors like Ryan Homes (who were consistently taking their customers) Gerber looked like a bad third choice. The old Gerber logo and marketing materials did not any give confidence to prospective customers that Gerber could compete with Ryan. Conversely, Ryan Homes had a professional and highly polished corporate identity program and marketing materials. Ryan Homes just simply looked professional, and organized. They had set the benchmark, and Gerber Homes needed to step up to compete.


Create for Gerber Homes a strong corporate identity program to compete with and surpass the competition. MG Lomb began by developing for Gerber Homes a professional new logo that incorporated an impressive and easily recognizable visual corporate identity. Now Gerber Homes’ customers could see a consistent visual brand and say; “I recognize that sign – it’s for a Gerber Homes Community!” Next, all of Gerber Homes’ materials were redeveloped using the new corporate identity and logo developed by MG Lomb.

Research was KEY to making Gerber Homes’ new corporate identity more effective. MG Lomb began development by doing field research on their competition (a Competitor Materials Analysis). The MG Lomb team investigated what it was like “to buy a home” by Ghost Shopping a variety of Gerber’s competitors, and by learning how they engaged their customers. Local, regional and national Home Builders were investigated, and sales kits were collected. Competitor advertisements and websites were also scrutinized for content and strategy.

With competitor research completed, creative could be addressed. MG Lomb’s creative team professionally developed for Gerber Homes’ its new corporate identity. The new creative was applied to: website, company brochure, stock plan brochures, pocket folder, business cards, stationary, envelopes, e-mail template, signage, print advertisements, TV commercials, mailers and more. MG Lomb placed media: print, billboards, television, web, and direct mail.


Gerber Homes could now confidently and proudly stand next to their competition. People began to recognize the Gerber Homes brand. The Gerber Homes’ sales team also noticed and proclaimed immediate results, reporting generous customer compliments. The new corporate identity program and marketing materials were clearly useful against the competition, to the point where a fight to gain increased market share was now possible.