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Brand Development: Washer Solutions


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Healthcare & Life Sciences, U.S.


Corporate Identity Program
Print Collateral
Direct Mail

The Need

Washer Solutions originally approached MG Lomb to develop a print advertisement. As they were a new client, MG Lomb requested that we begin by first reviewing their entire Washer Solutions marketing and advertising program. It became clear that they were in need of a bit more than a print advertisement.

Washer Solutions needed an entire, and professionally developed, brand program. They also needed help executing that brand across “all” of their marketing and advertising tools.


Washer Solutions was a fairly new company, three years old at the time they approached MG Lomb. But even though Washer Solutions was “new” the owners/managers had been in their industry over 30 years, with the primary principal having successfully developed and sold a prior (similar) company. Still, as visual identity and brand were concerned, Washer Solutions had yet to crawl.

To get themselves started again in business, they’d put together a simple logo, and some basic marketing tools. A rudimentary website and short brochure (in addition to some MS Word data sheets) had been created, none of which were designed well enough to be effective at obtaining the business goals they’d set.

Washer Solutions had lofty goals.  They were seeking to aggressively tackle a market where roughly five large international competitors dominated, and dozens of regional mom and pop competitors got by. Washer Solutions expressed that a smart, well organized, mid-sized company could dominate in the space where mom and pops struggled. It made sense, if the small mom and pops could exist and occasionally prosper, that a smart and organized business could aggressively capture market share held by the mom and pops … and maybe even take some business held by the larger competitors.


Clearly, this was a brand effort that required some sophisticated research to begin. MG Lomb has well over 15 years of experience building brands. If we can share one critical piece of knowledge and experience with our clients, it would be to “do your homework.” Fortunately, the people at Washer Solutions were smart business people. Enabling MG Lomb to develop the single most successful brand program we’ve built, Washer Solutions engaged in a sophisticated analysis of their competition. To begin this project, MG Lomb performed what we call a Competitor Materials Analysis – market research.

The research (CMA) yielded extremely valuable results. It not only confirmed that Washer Solutions goals were possible, but it positioned and explained the current marketing and advertising programs of 25 key competitors. With this data, MG Lomb could work with Washer Solutions to develop the new brand and marketing tools so that they would be more effective than those of their competitors – large and small.

MG Lomb went on to develop for Washer Solutions their:

  • brand identity program
  • all new written content (all materials)
  • advertising slogan & logo tagline
  • website
  • brochures & sell sheets
  • tradeshow booth
  • pocket folder
  • services icons
  • email stationary
  • professional photography
  • letterhead & envelopes
  • a fifty page brand styles guide


Washer Solutions had originally set a goal to aggressively capture market share currently held by a couple dozen mom and pop competitors, and a few large international competitors. With their old logo and materials, this goal would be difficult to achieve.

With their new brand program completed, Washer Solutions could now begin to pursue their business goals. MG Lomb succeeded in creating a new sophisticated brand program for Washer Solutions that not only allowed them to visually compete with their largest competitors – they were now visually represented as a better choice.

In their appreciation for our work, Washer Solutions COO provided a testimonial to MG Lomb. If you’d like to see it click here.