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AD Campaign B2C: LGB of America


Electric Model Trains




Toy Industry, North America


Advertising Campaign
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The Need

LGB of America (LGBofA), the sole North American distributor of LGB brand electric model trains, needed quality new print advertisements developed for magazines targeted at their customers. MG Lomb Advertising was brought on to develop a new advertising campaign.


The client lacked data defining their market and customers. LGBofA could not definitively characterize customer perception of their products within their market. LGBofA also sought to identify which market segments were purchasing their products, or what percentage of these segments was dominant, as well as segments that were increasing or decreasing. In order to be successful with a new advertising campaign, market research needed to be performed.


Extensive market research occurred. Interviewed were: retail businesses, distributors, national, regional & local sales representatives, employees, customers, and competitors. Findings were presented to management.

With research completed, MG Lomb Advertising built a new and effective advertising campaign. Developed were: new print Ads, event marketing (LPGA Sponsorship), point-of-purchase, retail cooperative advertising, and direct mail.


Meeting in NYC with LGB of America CEO and the President of their German parent company (in Times Square, and over many beers), Michael Lomb pitched a template advertising solution that became the strategy utilized for the next two years. The template successfully accomplished increased ad frequency at a lower cost, while tying ads to packaging and point-of-purchase, for increased brand recognition.