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video & animation

creating reality with IMAGINATION

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video & animation

creating reality with IMAGINATION

Video production services and animation are of MG Lomb’s core competencies. They are MG Lomb’s clear differentiators. Many agencies don’t perform these services in house. We do.

Our experienced video and animation team works onsite at MG Lomb, out of our Rochester NY offices. We are comprised only of full time, fully degreed staff. We do not outsource. We do not use freelancers.

Since the year 2000 MG Lomb has been creating quality video and animation, of every variety, for both B2B and B2C applications. We’ve developed hundreds of videos and animations. Our work is highly creative, appropriately functional, and sometimes both. It is sophisticated when it needs to be. And it is simple when it doesn’t.

Our clients range from multinational manufacturing companies of complex machinery, to international toy manufacturers, to regional companies requiring reasonably priced solutions. The odds are that we’ve successfully produced, numerous times, the exact type of video or animation that you need.

3D Animation & Videos

3D animated videos are today's standard. MG Lomb is an established 3D animation studio, of more than twenty years.

The quality of MG Lomb’s Animation is high, and we bring more than two decades of experience. With a streamlined production process, MG Lomb is your best choice for 3D animation services. We excel at producing superior animated marketing videos. With only fulltime onsite staff, MG Lomb specializes in creating custom 3D animations that explain your products, improve sales, and liven trade show exhibits. Whether it's an interactive animation to enhance your website or booth (trade show animation), or a photorealistic 3D product rendering to show off your new prototype, our team of animators at MG Lomb has the experience and expertise to make your marketing animation succeed.

Our Process

As a 3D animation company MG Lomb’s process is client focused, and refined over 20 years of experience. At the start of animated video production, we walk our clients through every step, so there is no guessing at what comes next, which ensures a high-quality deliverable. To further support accuracy and efficiency, MG Lomb has established protocols for export and import of client supplied CAD, from most every client engineering application; we can use, edit and work with your existing CAD files. And, if necessary, we can create new 3D models from scratch.

Product Animation

Animated product videos are unsurpassed at clearly explaining what your product can do. Animation can visualize and depict product features and capabilities in ways that no traditional video could ever possibly do. By use of specialized animation techniques, such as transparencies, explodes, color highlighting, and floating part changes, the depiction of the impossible becomes possible. 3D product animation can put the camera “inside” your product. It can endure caustic solvents, be submerged, and travel the path of a particle. Product animations can be short, or long. MG Lomb has produced 30 second consumer spots for international retail promotion, and 20 minute animations that depict complex chemical manufacturing processes. Whatever your animation need, MG Lomb has the experience and skill to support it.

Technical Animation

Technical animations make the most complicated processes easily understandable. With 3D animation, it's possible to demonstrate how something works in a way that would be impossible using live-action video. We are experts at using creative techniques such as cut-away renderings, animated arrows and particles to illustrate and explain challenging concepts.

Additional Value

Once MG Lomb creates a realistic 3D base model of your product (for your animation) it can be reused, in other marketing materials or for new animations – at a significantly reduced cost. With your product now captured in a fully rotatable 3D state, still images can be captured for use in brochures, in presentations and on websites, to name just a few of the possible uses.

Animation is great for all Industries

More than consumer product animations, MG Lomb has created innumerable animated videos for a wide range of industries including: biopharmaceutical animation, medical animation, chemical process animation, mechanical animation and industrial animation. Animation applies to nearly every type of product and industry. Additionally 3D animation can enhance corporate overview videos, and is useful for educational purposes.