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creative & branding

market awareness + smart creative = BRAND DOMINANCE

In a few words …


creative & branding

market awareness + smart creative = BRAND DOMINANCE

MG Lomb is a highly experienced, full service marketing communications agency of over 20 years.

Our tagline Tying it all together™ defines our mission, to create and implement consistent brand messaging, for all parts of our clients’ marketing and advertising programs.

Sophisticated, original, effective, impressive creative is our differentiator. From enhanced corporate identity, to website, ad campaign, social media, video, trade show, or print collateral, MG Lomb supports all parts of our clients’ creative and branding needs.

By understanding your customers, and your business, we will work with you to develop creative that connects with your customers, is unique to your business, and drives meaningful top-line growth.


Strategy is what drives creative, and improves your market position.

Creative is useless without purpose. Purpose is defined by goals. And goals are achieved by leveraging real and current data.

Through market research, competitive analysis, customer behavior profiles, and industry trends we help our clients to define clear, results oriented objectives, on which our creative is built. MG Lomb provides a wide range of market strategy services, which help our clients achieve their business goals.

Creative original ideas. Research provides the platform on which our senior creative leaders will build unique, ingenious and creative ideas that motivate and inspire. Once creative is established, a strategy for dissemination of your brand messaging is required. MG Lomb provides media planning and buying, social media, public relations, and direct mail services, to achieve these goals.

By experience and strategy, MG Lomb provides the insight our clients’ need, to make decisions that yield positive results and ROI, in an ever changing digital world.

  • Idea Engineering
  • Market Research
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Public Relations
Brand Identity Programs
Logos & Style Guides
Taglines & Slogans
Ad Campaigns
Direct Mail & Email Marketing


Creative is how we make you standout, from your competition.

It’s what makes you unique and memorable. Creative is how we’ll form the perfect and ideal vision of your company. And it’s how we’ll get your customers to choose you.

As your agency we’ll pioneer insightful, original, and powerful creative that moves your customers. MG Lomb is highly skilled at creative, and we take notable pride in our work. We will bring expertly designed creative to every part of your program, consistently, and across all channels.

To be perceived as the best option, in a highly competitive world, your business needs to be in full control of the perception associated with your brand. This begins with a professionally developed brand identity that meets or exceeds your customers’ expectations, and extends to every piece of customer facing collateral you use.

This is our space. It’s what we do. It is MG Lomb’s mission, and our privilege, to develop the creative that will drive you ahead of your competition.

  • Branding / Brand Identity / Brand Strategy
  • Brand Development & Corporate Identity
  • Logos, Marks & Styles Guides
  • Taglines & Slogans
  • Advertising & Campaigns (covers ALL types)
  • Direct Mail & Email Marketing
  • Creative & Marketing Copy Writing

Collateral Design

There are innumerable ways to tell your story; collateral is effective.

Collateral is often necessary to engage customers or associates. Whether brochures, sell sheets, marketing kits, or stationery, collateral is a means to provide crucial information. From extensive to simple, MG Lomb brings decades of experience, developing highly professional and sophisticated collateral programs.

MG Lomb’s collateral work is expertly branded and creatively designed. It is logically categorized, and when necessary, translated and localized into required languages. Our work is expertly branded and creatively designed. It is logically categorized, and when necessary, translated and localized into additional languages.

All collateral requires brand continuity. Every piece should be consistent with your company’s brand. With more than twenty years’ experience MG Lomb accomplishes superior brand continuity – and the customer brand loyalty that results – by applying our ideological approach to design … Tying it all togetherSM.

  • Brochures
  • Sell Sheets
  • Sales & Marketing Kits

Environmental Design

Engaging your customers where they purchase, is essential.

In busy chaotic environments, you’ve only seconds to stand out and be noticed. At MG Lomb, our experienced and talented team will expertly design solutions that put your customers’ eyes where you want them.

A full service agency, MG Lomb’s environmental design work is highly considerate of your brand, identity, campaigns and messaging requirements. When developing programs for trade shows, in-store, point of purchase, and signage, our work incorporates continuity that’s critical to consistent brand recognition and adoption.

  • Trade Show Design
  • In Store & POP Design
  • Signage

Web Development

Since the 1990’s, MG Lomb has provided comprehensive website development services.

Our work is technically sophisticated, creatively original, and reasonably priced.

MG Lomb is not a “website mill.” There are no freelancers on our team, and we do NOT outsource. You will work directly with our production team – not sales. Our creative and development staff are all full time employees, who work in-house, onsite at MG Lomb’s offices.

MG Lomb develops both simple, and complex websites. Our portfolio includes multi-language international programs, integrating specifically targeted channels with separate URLs. It includes simple microsites, targeting specific customer segments. And also it includes modest websites, for small businesses. We’ve solutions to fit most every need.

MG Lomb’s focus is your best website solution. Our goal is to educate our clients, about every potential variable required to achieve the best possible result, and to optimize your return-on-investment. From market and competitor research, to construction, CMS selection, to SEO and social media, every aspect is considered.

Your website is the most critically important customer facing marketing tool you have. You should invest in it accordingly. With this in mind, MG Lomb will approach your website program professionally, honestly, and with your best interests in mind. Because of this we cannot be, and will not be, the cheapest option. But we will be the best option.

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Front end / Back end / Programming
  • Interactive Development / HTML5
  • Shopping Carts
  • SEO, Foundation & Campaign Programs
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)


Since the 1990’s, MG Lomb has provided SEO consulting and support (Search Engine Optimization) for the websites we develop.

Our SEO and organic search capabilities are developed, and extensive.

Every website project developed by MG Lomb has intense focus on proper construction for SEO. It is our position that the vast majority of organic SEO results are accomplished by proper website design and construction. MG Lomb expertly constructs websites for optimal SEO. We call this “Foundation SEO.”  It is our assertion that roughly 80% of organic SEO success is driven by proper website foundation (construction), not by secondary “Campaign SEO”. The remaining 20% (Campaign SEO), includes pay-per-click advertising, social media, blogs, back-linking programs, etc.

To be successful with SEO, it is critical to focus primarily on “Foundation SEO”.

There is no shortage of SEO providers. The bulk of which are offshore firms who offer cheap, monthly fee-based programs, focused ineffectively on Secondary Campaign SEO at the expense of critical Foundation SEO. When selecting your SEO provider, choose wisely, and focus what really needs to be done to achieve ROI with your SEO.

  • Foundation SEO (Construction)
  • Campaign SEO (including Social Media)
  • SEO Research & Reporting

Explainer Video

Simple, creative, effective.

Explainer videos are extremely effective marketing and advertising tools, for YouTube, Social Media, Websites, and more. MG Lomb’s experience creating explainer videos ranges from SiriusXM Radio (consumer focused), to Harris Corporation (B2B technology focused), to PhoMents (small business promotional video).

The term “explainer video” encompasses a broad range of creative possibilities. From app videos, to “learn about our company / product” videos, and instructional videos. MG Lomb professionally develops all of these, in an effective creative way, which results in ROI.

Creative styling and techniques include motion graphics, animated text, stylized or realistic animation, and special effects, which may appear simple or with television grade presentation.

MG Lomb supports the entire creative process, in-house, from conceptualization, to storyboarding, script writing, professionally narration recording, musical score, final production, and final file upload.

Our experience and capabilities include:

  • Motion Graphics
  • Marketing Videos
  • Web Videos
  • Trade Show

Live Action

From product videos to television commercials.

MG Lomb produces professional, inventive, quality video content. Our experience ranges from commercials for international toy companies featuring child actors, to sophisticated corporate videos depicting CEO’s and manufacturing facilities. We routinely travel for video shoots all across the U.S.

From small half day shoots, to large productions with locations and actors, MG Lomb creates and produces high quality video. As with all our services, our team is comprised of full time, in-house staff.

From initial need, to final cut, MG Lomb supports our clients through the entire process. Starting with the idea (yours or ours), to storyboarding, script writing, talent casting, wardrobe, stylist, site evaluation, musical score, and post production. We’ll support you.

MG Lomb’s experience and capabilities include:

  • Product
  • Television
  • Facility & Capabilities
  • Interview
  • Instructional
  • Promotional


Static content is the past. Interactive animation and motion graphics are what’s next.

The quality of MG Lomb’s Animation work is high. It’s what we specialize in. Animation encompasses a broad range of possibilities, and we support them all. From television grade work, to trade show product videos, MG Lomb supports the full range. We work with our client’s CAD engineering data, or we model, rig, texture and light from scratch. We animate products (industrial and consumer), environments, people, molecular structures, biological organisms, and more. We offer highly experienced, in-house animators and videographers. We do not outsource.

MG Lomb’s animation production process is proven, our standard practices clear and effective. Our clients benefit from two decades of experience, and process refinement. We lead the process, so you don’t have to.

We can support the entire animation process, in-house, from conceptualization, storyboarding, script writing, professionally narration recording, musical score, and high-resolution rendering.

Our animation experience and capabilities include:

  • 2D / 3D
  • B2B & B2C
  • Products
  • Trade Show
  • Web Interactive & HTML5
  • Mobile Apps
  • Architectural
  • Instructional

web, SEO & social

where creative & technical merge into AWESOME

In a few words …

web, SEO & social

where creative & technical merge into AWESOME

Today, web is everything that embodies your company’s brand.

Your website is the focal point, the hub, the center from which everything originates about your company or product. For every ad you create – customers are driven to your website. For every direct mail or social media campaign, they will find your website. So make it great.

MG Lomb brings over twenty years of brand and technical experience to website development. And we’ve mastered all of the critically important variables that comprise a successful program.

We do everything web, effectively, for our Clients.

video & animation

creating reality with IMAGINATION

In a few words …

video & animation

creating reality with IMAGINATION

Video and animation are among MG Lomb’s core services. Our diverse range of capabilitieshere isour differentiator. Other agencies simply don’t do this well, or in house. We do both.

Our experienced video and animation team works onsite, at MG Lomb. We are comprised only of full time,fully degreed staff. We do not outsource. We do not use freelancers.

Since the year 2000 MG Lomb has been creating qualityvideo and animation, of every variety, for both B2B and B2C applications. We’ve developed hundreds of videos and animations. Our work is highly creative, appropriately functional, and sometimes both. It is sophisticated when it needs to be. And it is simple when it doesn’t.

Our clients range from multinational manufacturing companies of complex machinery, to international toy manufacturers, to regional companies requiring reasonably priced solutions. The odds are that we’ve successfully produced, numerous times, the exact type of video or animation that you need.